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Mehr Informationen zu ira-Steigbügeln

Why are Ira-stirrups so different?

  • Made of high-tech synthetics, Ira-stirrups are bi-elastic. That means they give wag under pressure (e.g. only a few millimetres with a strain of 100kg), which will not be noticed. Also, the interlocked attachment of the treads slightly gives way.
  • Someone with health problems (concerning ankle joint, knee or spine) will find out that the pain will be reduced or even vanish completely.
  • The measurement of the inner stirrup equals that of conventional stirrups. However, Ira-stirrups weigh much less (approx. 260g each).
  • The rough, pointed pyramids of the treads prevent slipping, even with a small amount of strength, and the stirrups get lost less frequently. Especially children profit form this feature; it has been reported that children sit in the saddle more properly and slip out the stirrups less frequently. If they do nonetheless, the stirrups can easily be taken up again, as they do not get out of reach tug “get caught” by the saddle. Children themselves have reported that they fall off the horse considerably less frequently.
  • A safe grip is provided by the Ira-stirrups even in case of dirty soles. The soles will not be damaged by the pyramids of the treads.
  • The treads are extra wide so that the pressure of the soles of the foot are distributed over a bigger surface; thus, your feet will not fell numb so easily. The stirrups are, when examined form the side, slightly rounded, so a good grip is provided even in case of a low heel.
  • The treads will not show any signs of abrasion, which makes regular replacement unnecessary.
  • The attached Ira-logo prevents slipping completely through the stirrups. Ira-stirrups demage neither the saddle nor the stirrup straps.
  • Ira-stirrups are temperature-proof form -40°Celsius up to 110°Celsius. They are easy-care and completely colored. The varnish will not come off.
  • Ira-stirrups are available in stylish colors, so everyone can choose their individual combination. The back of the logo can be engraved individually. The stirrup parts (frame and tread) can be ordered separately (e.g. 1 pair of black treads with 3 pairs of frames in different colors.
  • Ira-stirrups offer the opportunity to develop your own individual style an match them with clothing, ear caps, saddle cloths etc.
  • The development of the Ira-stirrups is the result of 40 years of experience in equestrian sport.
  • Furthermore, the development actually includes the experiences and needs of a person suffering from multiple sclerosis. The result is a stirrup that will win you over for sure.

Convenient, comfortable and safe in black, brown or even fashionable colors. It is up to you!

Development and manufacturing of the stirrups are exclusively restricted to the Neckar-Alb-Region, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


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